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Got Your Six Coffee Co. (GY6CC) is passionate about helping veterans and others who put their lives on the line everyday to serve and protect us. Because of that a portion of all the profits from Got Your Six Coffee go to our non-profit, GY6 Foundation which has a primary mission to ‘serve those who serve’. Veteran homelessness, veteran suicides, and the daily struggles that veterans, LEO’s, EMT’s and Fire Fighters have with respect to PTSD needs to be addressed and we intend to lend a hand with that… 8 of them to be exact. That is exactly why we have an octopus as part of our logo because we are lending a hand, or arm in this case, to members of the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy, Marine Corp, Law Enforment, Emergency Medical Technicians and those in the Fire Fighting community.


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Giving back at thanksgiving

How I spent my Thanksgiving break giving back

A friend of mine from Maine Maritime Academy, Eric Hadley, with a degree in Marine Engineering Technology, recently opened Got Your Six Coffee Company.  Surprise was the least of my reactions, but when I started hearing his story, I learned that his coffee company was much more.  The difference with Eric’s story is that the product he sells is focused on delivering a message and making an impact on his community and the heroes he respects.  Eric started Got Your Six Coffee Co (GY6CC) with the Motto “Coffee with a Purpose” and a message of “Service to Those Who Serve.”   So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I packed a week’s worth of clothes sat my dog in the passenger seat and drove from New Jersey to Missouri.  I have volunteered my holiday supporting GY6CC spread their message, by helping Eric like any friend would do for another.

Based out of Springfield, MO, Got Your Six Coffee Co’s owner Eric Hadley is dedicated to personally extending thanks and appreciation from the community by hand-delivering coffee and supporting local events to raise awareness of our heroes in the Springfield area, as he likes to say, “with the power of coffee.”  As the founder, CEO, COO, delivery driver, Event manager, Sales manager, let’s just say he’s one person running most of the show.  Making routine stops at fire stations, police departments, and veteran centers, he is a constant reminder that their sacrifices are appreciated and not forgotten.  I’ve had the opportunity to thank countless individuals for all they’ve done and continue to do for us.  I’ve only seen a fraction of the impact GY6CC is having on those around the Springfield, MO area and I know that GY6CC’s is poised to serve our heroes coast to coast.

Eric’s focus of raising community awareness regarding the sacrifices our military veterans, Police, Fire, Emergency Services, and 1st Responders have made and continue to make for us today.  GY6CC is the platform individuals can utilize to thank local community heroes through the purchase of coffee and tea.  Proceeds from GY6CC have reached as far south as southern FL, providing coffee to 1st responders after this year’s hurricane season devastated both the Texas and Florida coast.  As a native Texan, raised in Paris, Texas Eric has experienced flooding in his community.  He felt compelled to extend his thanks to the heroes that spent countless hours rescuing stranded families from the rising floods.  As he states, “These are the people, we need to be thanking.  The individuals who put their lives on the line to save a stranger and ask for nothing in return.”

GY6CC is the real deal, roasted by a Master Roaster with over 13 years of experience and the skills of an artist in tune with his craft.  Eric is setting the standard for excellent coffee and fresh roast, it’s no wonder that his two most popular roasts Zero Dark Thirty and Blue Line won two of the six awards (the two that he entered) at the 2017 Springfield Coffee Fest and the People’s Choice Award of Best Coffee Shop in Springfield, MO. With less than a year in business Got Your Six Coffee Co is addressing how we give thanks to our veterans and first responders, by offering coffee connoisseurs great Coffee alternatives.

I look forward to opening that bag of Zero Dark Thirty when I get home, knowing that every sip I enjoy will support those who serve me and my family.  By changing my coffee choice at home I’ll be skipping the lines at local coffee shops and brewing a pot of the tastiest and freshest roasted coffee I’ve ever had.  Best of luck to you Eric and thank you for inviting me to spend Thanksgiving with you and your family.  I hope I’ve provided you the help you needed.  As for me, I’m no longer surprised why a college friend with an Engineering degree would take the entrepreneurial leap.  Helping you during Thanksgiving has been an enriching experience and as heart-warming as your coffee.  GY6CC’s message “Service to Those Who Serve” is an easy choice for all of us to support year-round.  (Roast of choice – Zero Dark Thirty).

Omar Perales, Lieutenant Commander, USNR