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Got Your Six Coffee Co. (GY6CC) is passionate about helping veterans and others who put their lives on the line everyday to serve and protect us. Because of that a portion of all the profits from Got Your Six Coffee go to our non-profit, GY6 Foundation which has a primary mission to ‘serve those who serve’. Veteran homelessness, veteran suicides, and the daily struggles that veterans, LEO’s, EMT’s and Fire Fighters have with respect to PTSD needs to be addressed and we intend to lend a hand with that… 8 of them to be exact. That is exactly why we have an octopus as part of our logo because we are lending a hand, or arm in this case, to members of the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy, Marine Corp, Law Enforment, Emergency Medical Technicians and those in the Fire Fighting community.


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Needle in a hay stack…

Its hard enough to find a needle in a hay stack. Let alone two needles at the same time.

Clay Croft of Expedition Overland and Dave Harriton of American Expedition Vehicles have both been a huge inspiration to me. I have watched them over the years following their dreams, accomplishing their goals, turning their passions into careers. They both live by the creed that if your turn your passions into careers you will never work another day in your life.

You could say that for several years it has been a bucket list item of mine to meet both of these innovative individuals. Clay started a video documentary series on YouTube where a group of his friends go overlanding all over the world. The videos are great because, for a guy like me who loves the outdoors, they show the companionship of buddies, the trials and tribulations of adventure, they show fellowship, they teach how to overcome adversity and most importantly the illustrate the journey of following your dreams. Dave on the other hand is a guy who, while back in college took his favorite vehicle, a jeep, cut it in half, stretched it 22 inches, rebuilt the jeep, gave it new purpose and then took it to S.E.M.A. where he was recognized by jeep. Since then Dave has gone on to collaborate with and design amazing aftermarket parts for both Jeep/RAM platforms.

Its crazy how life takes you down various paths. For years I have been inspired by both of these individuals and like anyone who has someone they look up to and admire I wanted to meet them. For me though it never made sense to attempt to reach out until I had accomplished a list of specific milestones. I wanted to be at a point where my business was up and running. I wanted to be at a point where I was actually working the mission of Got Your Six Coffee Co before reaching out to them because I didn’t want to come off as just a fan boy.

On 18 May 2017, while sitting at my desk that afternoon reviewing notes, goals and plans from past I happened upon the list and realized that I had in-fact reached that milestone. It was time! It was on that day that started to figure out how to make the connection and for 4 days I thought and prayed on how accomplish that goal.

On the 4th day at 11:20 in the morning I ended up receiving an email from a guy that I have never met before in my life. In that email, Chris, expressed that we had a mutual friend with whom he worked with… I on the other hand had gone to college with at Maine Maritime Academy. It turns out the my friend Jeremy had purchased a bunch of coffee and brought it to work where he let his co-workers try out all of the blends. When Chris tried the coffee and heard the mission he was inspired to reach out so that he could use the coffee to say thank you to those who serve his community.

With both Chris and I being Mariners we quickly fell into a familiar dialogue of “where are you from”, “What are you going to do when you get home off the ship”. The first answer that came back when Chris said that he was from Missoula MT. As soon as I read that on the email I got excited because Clay is from Bozeman MT and American Expedition Vehicles was started in Missoula. It was when I sent the second email with the question about his plans

that I really got excited. Chris replied back by saying that he was going to take his son “OVERLANDING”. I immediately sent a message back asking him if he knew of Clay Croft or Dave Harrinton. The email that I got back said that one of his good friends sisters was married to Clay and he also had several wheeling buddies who often times went out into the back country with Dave. I WAS SHOCKED!!! To find a connection to two individuals, two needles in a hay stay if you will, in a 4 day time period from one source just blew my mind. That right there just goes to show you that the power of prayer is strong and that God is great!

Fast forward since that day we have all formally met. We are doing custom coffee for Expedition Overland, we have a connection with AEV who is now one of our incredible sponsors AND we had the honor of serving coffee out of American Expedition Vehicles booth at Overland West back in May of this year. This is just another reason why this has been the best job that I have ever had. #CoffeeFuelsAdventure