Got Your Six Coffee Co. (GY6CC)

Got Your Six Coffee Co. (GY6CC) is passionate about helping veterans and others who put their lives on the line everyday to serve and protect us. Because of that a portion of all the profits from Got Your Six Coffee go to our non-profit, GY6 Foundation which has a primary mission to ‘serve those who serve’. Veteran homelessness, veteran suicides, and the daily struggles that veterans, LEO’s, EMT’s and Fire Fighters have with respect to PTSD needs to be addressed and we intend to lend a hand with that… 8 of them to be exact. That is exactly why we have an octopus as part of our logo because we are lending a hand, or arm in this case, to members of the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy, Marine Corp, Law Enforment, Emergency Medical Technicians and those in the Fire Fighting community.

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Got Your Six Coffee Co. / Posts tagged "Tool Bag" We found the perfect tool bag for our disaster response coffee truck!!The Yorktown Tool Roll is the premiere tool roll pouch that is perfect for our disaster response coffee truck. This is great for for mechanical work because it delivers more carry space and organization for your specialty tools. Four generously sized pockets (600 in³ total) store a variety of tools, while the back is designed to organize and quickly find mechanic wrench and tool sets. Atlas 46’s Quick Roll...